D8098 Locomotive News – August 2019

4th August

Another session for some of the T1LC engineering staff looking at the speedometer system on D8098, which showed issue’s during the loaded test run last week. We found that there was alot of water in the wheel wear compensater unit, this has been stripped down, dried, cleaned out and repairs carried out. We then set up the speedo system as per the manufacturer instructions using a electric drill and a tachometer and it is all working ok. Below are a couple of pictures of the works in motion.

11th August

The T1LC engineers have continued giving D8098 some TLC and final electrical cleaning has taken place. It was arranged for the 20 to do a light engine run to Rothley Brook and return to confirm the speedo and the diverts were all working correctly, these were showing issues on the previous test run two weeks ago. This run was successful and it was arranged for a loaded test run on the 1615 service. This run was successful and the loco is almost ready to return to regular traffic, it will be having an insurance exam on the air tanks this coming week and then the 20 can return to regular work. The T1LC would like to thank the GCR in facilitating the tests runs. There are a couple of pictures of the light engine and loaded test run below.