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T1LC News – December 2019



On 27th December D5830 developed a fault with it’s ETH, which wouldn’t stay running. The fault was traced to a faulty resistor, which was replaced and the ETH turned on but then we couldn’t turn the ETH off so we decided to fail the loco.

On the 28th December after alot of tracing by us and the 125 group it was found a furry creature had chewed through a cable causing a fault with the ETH system, this cable has now been replaced and the ETH now works correctly.

Unfortunately D5830 won’t be working tomorrow, it will be 20154 and the Austerity top and tailed.

The T1LC would like to thank the 125 Group for their assistance in tracing and repairing D5830.


T1LC website

Hello everyone and welcome to the new T1LC website. This has been under development for a couple of months and we are now pleased to show it to you. We hope the new website will be easier for you to navigate, find information and we can share more stories with you. Whilst we have been working on the website, work on the loco’s has continued as normal and here is a round up of what we have been up to.


Since returning to traffic in August D8098 has seen regular service with the midweek run’s down the line to help with the Great Central Railway operarting department requirments and having turns on the weekday and weekend diesel turns.
In September D89098 took part in the 2 day diesel gala.
In November D8098 took part in the 2 day Last Hurrah gala, which it operated a number of freight and passenger trains, some pictures from our volunteers are below with a video courtesy of the Quorn Wagon and Wagon group, who preserve and maintain a number of vehicles at the Great Central Railway.
Following the Last Hurrah D8098 has operated a number of Santa and winter wonderlights trains, a short video of D8098 on the rear of the winter wonderlights is below the last hurrah video.

D8098 with 'the Vans'

A short clip of D8098 departiung Quorn with the Van train 16 Nov 2019

Posted by Quorn Wagon and Wagon on Saturday, 16 November 2019
D8098 on the rear of the Winter Wonderlights train


D5830 has been in regular service at the Great Central Railway Nottingham on the 125 Group MK3 coaches providing ETH and on the GCRN MK1 stock.
In September D5830 took part in the 2 day GCRN diesel gala.
During December D5830 has operated a number of the Santa trains and is booked to operated the 125 Group MK3 coaches on the 27th, 28th and 29th December.


1705 had also been operating over the last couple of months, taking part in the 2 day diesel gala and was last on services trains in October but has since been winterised.
Before being winteresied 1705 had it’s annual B exam completed.

Christmas and New Year

That’s all for now, the Type One Locomotive Company would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.