D8098 GCR

T1LC News – 9th June 2021

As you may know, ’98 has been out of traffic recently owing to a fault that caused the wheelslip circuit to activate continuously. After much trial and error on the part of our intrepid engineers, Michael and Steve finally traced the fault back to a faulty part in the reverser which was removed and replaced… Read More

D5830 GCRN

T1LC News – April 2021

D5830 On 06/04/2021 D5830 was awoken from its 13 month slumber in the shed at Ruddington. With numbers on site still restricted by the ongoing pandemic, just two of our engineering team spent Easter Tuesday progressing an A Exam (about two-thirds complete) and were able to run the engine up as well. Needless to say… Read More

1705 D8098 GCR

T1LC News – 6th June 2020

Good evening all, the T1LC hopes you are keeping safe and well during these unusual times. As many of you will know the Great Central Railway has been closed for the last 3 months due Covid19 and we have been unable to go on site to check or work on our loco’s but the GCR… Read More

D5830 D8098 GCR GCRN

T1LC News – February 2020

Hello and happy new year. After a bit of a break in January the T1LC volunteers have been busy operating and working on our loco’s, see the round up below. D8098 D8098 has this month received an A exam and is now ready to enter service. For those who don’t know our loco’s have to… Read More

1705 D5830 D8098 T1LC

T1LC News – December 2019

28/12/19 D5830 On 27th December D5830 developed a fault with it’s ETH, which wouldn’t stay running. The fault was traced to a faulty resistor, which was replaced and the ETH turned on but then we couldn’t turn the ETH off so we decided to fail the loco. On the 28th December after alot of tracing… Read More


D8098 Locomotive News – August 2019

4th August Another session for some of the T1LC engineering staff looking at the speedometer system on D8098, which showed issue’s during the loaded test run last week. We found that there was alot of water in the wheel wear compensater unit, this has been stripped down, dried, cleaned out and repairs carried out. We… Read More


D8098 Locomotive News – July 2019

Following a period out of service with an engine issue D8098 went on low loader to Harry Needle Railroad Company at Barrow Hill on the 30th April 2019 for repairs. On the 20th June repairs by HNRC had been completed and the loco had been load banked. D8098 returned to the Great Central Railway on… Read More


Peter Haylock

The Board of the Type One Locomotive Company Ltd lament the untimely passing of our friend and colleague, the GCR’s Operations Manager until his retirement, Mr Peter Haylock who died suddenly on the 9th July 2019. This image from superb video captured by Ian Farnfield shows Peter enjoying a bit of 1705 action on 15th… Read More


1705 Locomotive Update – July 2019

1705 is fully operational, following its yearly exam at the start of the year it took part in the Great Central Railway April diesel gala and performed faultlessly. With D8098 out of service and D5830 on its holiday to Ruddington D1705 has been flying the flag for the T1LC at our home on the Great… Read More


D5830 Locomotive News – July 2019

D5830 is fully operational, following its yearly exam at the start of the year it took part in the Great Central Railway April diesel gala and performed faultlessly. In April we were very pleased to announce that D5830 was off to Ruddington for an extended visit and will be the second T1LC loco to work… Read More