D5830 GCRN

T1LC News – April 2021

D5830 On 06/04/2021 D5830 was awoken from its 13 month slumber in the shed at Ruddington. With numbers on site still restricted by the ongoing pandemic, just two of our engineering team spent Easter Tuesday progressing an A Exam (about two-thirds complete) and were able to run the engine up as well. Needless to say… Read More

D5830 D8098 GCR GCRN

T1LC News – February 2020

Hello and happy new year. After a bit of a break in January the T1LC volunteers have been busy operating and working on our loco’s, see the round up below. D8098 D8098 has this month received an A exam and is now ready to enter service. For those who don’t know our loco’s have to… Read More