D8098 Locomotive News – July 2019

Following a period out of service with an engine issue D8098 went on low loader to Harry Needle Railroad Company at Barrow Hill on the 30th April 2019 for repairs.

On the 20th June repairs by HNRC had been completed and the loco had been load banked.

D8098 returned to the Great Central Railway on 1st July 2019.

On the 7th, 14th and 21st July our intrepid engineering team spent hot and sweaty Sunday’s working through some niggly faults and a ‘B’ Exam. On the 13th July a mini loaded test run was undertaken at the end of the day shunting the chocolate and cream set at Loughborough.

On the 28th July the engineering team completed the B exam on D8098 and the loco received an ftr by the fitness to run examiner. The GCR and Heavy Tractor Group agreed D8098 could pilot the 14:00 service as a loaded test run. The test run was reasonably successful but did show a couple of issues. Some of these issues have now been resolved and others require further attention and monitoring. D8098 will now be slowly reintroduced into traffic and has been booked to work trains on the 30th August / 1st September.

Photos below are from the loaded test run on the 28th July, the last photo is 4 of engineering team, top left director Steve Rowston, top right director Michael Cort, bottom left James Whincup and bottom right Michael Brent.