1705 D8098 GCR

T1LC News – 6th June 2020

Good evening all, the T1LC hopes you are keeping safe and well during these unusual times.

As many of you will know the Great Central Railway has been closed for the last 3 months due Covid19 and we have been unable to go on site to check or work on our loco’s but the GCR staff who are allowed on site have been keeping an eye on things.

With changes in restrictions the GCR have started to allow staff only on site and only if it is pre-arranged. Today 2 members of the T1LC staff were granted permission to go on site to inspect our loco’s.

We started with D8098 doing a full inspection around the loco and we proceed with a start-up. Within a couple of minutes the exhaust smoke cleared and we did a standard series of brake and running checks. The loco is now fit for traffic.

We put 1705 batteries on charge and the loco has had an inspection. At the moment 1705 is not in traffic.

The T1LC would like to thank the GCR for allowing our staff on site with the current circumstances.

We would like to remind you the Great Central Railway is currently closed to the public, please check their website for current updates about the railway.

Please see the below video of D8098 starting up today.